Hey Gorgeous Formal Wear in Grover Beach

There is a wonderful business in Grover Beach CA called Hey Gorgeous Formal Wear.  It was opened a little over a year ago by a lovely little lady Valerie.  However; she has new beginnings in Orange County and has sold the business to another local little lady.  This new little lady happens to be a friend of mine I've known for years and I couldn't be more excited about the new ownership.  Although I truly will miss Valerie. 

Krista has worked with her mom in the Wedding Industry for years and I am so happy to see her starting her own thing.  She actually was one of my clients/brides in 2016 and she was the most Gorgeous bride. I have always loved Krista's style and presence.  I've used her in a few photo shoots modeling as a bride and modeling clothing.  She fits into this business more than anyone in the world I can think of. 


Hey Gorgeous Formal Wear specialized in Tux rentals for weddings, events and High School dances.  It also has wonderful formal dresses for purchase.  The perfect place for bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom, or high school girls to get the perfect dress and/or accessories for their next event. 

Be sure to pay her a visit in her shop and if you are in need of tuxes or other formal wear make an appointment and support our local business. 


Hey Gorgeous Formal Wear Grover Beach
Hey Gorgeous Formal Wear
Samantha Ward