What sorts of services do you offer (day-of coordination, full-service event design or a la carte planning)? Do you create the overall vision or are you more of a producer who brings in and event designer? Do you handle event styling? 

I don't do any less than a month of coordination job.  See Tying the Knot package under services.  The reason for this is I like a smooth event and in order to achieve that I need to be apart of the timeline planning and layouts.  In order to do this efficiently I must start communication with the other hired vendors at least 4 weeks prior. So no Day of coordination here. 

If you read on to my other packages you will see that I do in fact offer much more than just the month of coordination.  I specialize in the planning process and design.

Yes I do handle the event styling with any event package.  This includes all set up of decor and personal detail including overseeing other vendors who are contributing design elements. 



How many weddings have you planned? 

After 2016 season I believe I have completed 28 weddings, 29 including my own in 2016!  That was fun.  For the year 2017 I am currently working on 8 weddings with room for more. 



Do you handle invitations and guest list coordination with RSVPs? 

Typically I do not.  However in my Love and Marriage Package I help you select Invitation Designs and the Wedding Bells & Whistles package and the Ultimate Wedding Weekend Package I play a big role is designing the invitations including the rest of the stationary for the wedding.  In these two packages I will assist in keeping track of the guest list, however I always reccomend this being the couples job since it becomes a personal job anyway.  With all of my packages you get access to a personal online Aisle Planner profile and in this is an easy to use Guest List tracker and rsvp tracker.       YOU'LL LOVE IT. 



What was the biggest wedding mishap you ever had? How did you deal with it? 

As much as I would love to pretend things like this do not happen......unfortunately they do.  However, they are avoidable by hiring me as as a planner and not just month of.  And, mishaps don't happen too often. 

One wedding I did my first year in business, the groom had one job and that was to choose and hire the DJ.  A couple months prior to the wedding day I start to make my vendor connections and get working on timeline.  In order for me to do this I check with all the vendors and ask when they think they will need to arrive to set up based on the ceremony start time.  This DJ took forever to get back to me and then when he did he spoke to me like I was silly to ask this question and said he would be there at least 30 min before the ceremony started.  This seemed sketchy to me because a professional DJ will know that they will need way more time than that to set up a ceremony, cocktail hour and reception set up.  Plus he was from LA so If you're traveling the day of that far you probably should plan to be there even earlier to be safe.  After feeling uneasy about this guy I asked the bride where the groom found this guy. She found out he found him off Craigslist..... oooops.  I then contacted him by phone to explain that he will need to be there a lot sooner because the venue is large and challenging to transition between the 3 parts of the event.  He laughed at me and said 30 minutes is plenty of time. I had a bad feeling about this guys so I called up one of my DJ friends and asked if he had this date available because I have a feeling this guy wont show. Got the other DJ lined up as a back up.  But how would i know if he was going to scam untill the day of.  I didn't know for sure so I thought if he is legit he will turn in proof of insurance and licensing if i asked.  So I had my hubby act as an employee of mine asking for the credentials.  The guy immediately said that they could back out of the contract becasue he didn't have any of those papers. So I believe I fixed what could have been a huge problem before it happened.  I had my back up DJ on the event and everything went so smooth the day of.  Whew!
















How often do you meet with the bride before her wedding? 

Depends on the package they go with.  For my Tying the Knot package I generally meet with the couple 3-5 times.  For my bigger packages I can meet them up to 10 times.  But really it depends on the work I'm hired to do and if the couple is local or not.  

Do you have a minimum budget that you work with? 

I tend to turn down any jobs that are under $25,000.  And jobs that are between 25,000 and 35,000 are usually the jobs that book my Tying the Knot package.  I  book wedding that I can be used to my full potential and where my fees wont take away from all the needed elements of the wedding day.  Venue and food alone will take a huge chunk from the budget and them everything else has to fit in there somewhere.  

What is your general wedding philosophy? Can you describe your style? 

My general wedding philosophy would be to remember what the wedding day is all about.  The two of you getting married and spending the rest of your lives together.  So bringing in your personality and what you want your marriage to look like into the wedding day is very important.  For example, if you like going to see live shows but tend to stay away from the clubs, you probably should be hiring a band and not a DJ.  If you haven't spent a day of your life on a ranch, I would suggest to not have a trending ranch wedding, you probably wont like it.  Get as personal as you can get and I promise your wedding day will be one that everyone will remember.  Details are everything.

Honestly I don't have one specific style.  Like i said before I am a huge believer in finding your style and personality and creating something new each time.  My personal style screams out in my own wedding which was a Portuguese botanical vibe using blue and white pottery and tiles from Portugal, with a ton of ferns and other greenery, and pops of bold color in the florals.  The ceremony was important for us to have based around God so we brought in a 9ft cross and had vintage church pews.  It was amazing!  I can go on and on about my wedding day.  If you want to see photos just ask!

How do you deal with difficult family members? 

I do my best to make sure every family member feels important and involved.  I always listen to their feelings and try to accomidate everyone as long as its not changing the couples ultimate plans and decisions.  Kill them with kindness and educate them about who the day is really about.  I do not put up with harrasment towards myself of my staff so if this happens the guest will be asked to turn around their behavior or leave.  Haven't had to do this but it is mentioned in my contract for safe measures. 

Can you briefly describe your process? 

This depends on the package you are booking.  I can go over my process based on the package if you want to ask me specifically I would be happy to answer this question. 

How do you find the right vendors for each wedding? Do you use the same ones for every wedding? 

Great question.  I don't use the same ones over and over however I do have a lot of favorites I like to work with.  Not just because they are friends but because I enjoy their efficiency, professionalism, consistency and they typically have great staff.  With vendors like this we all play as a team to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly and looks beautifully.  I typically give you vendor referrals or choose vendors based on your budget, style, personality and their availability.  I have worked with some bad vendors and these are usually chosen by the couple that I haven't worked with before.  But I also discover some great ones from what the couple has hired.  My list of vendors are all really great so deffinately use my referals it really makes a difference.   

Are there any tasks you definitely will NOT do? 

This is a funny question to me because I really do know of some planners who have a list of what they don't do.  I don't have anything that I absolutely don't do.  However I will say if Im not contracted to do it than be sure to ask me to do it so I can properly staff for the task and charge you for whatever extra it is.  I go into detail on whats included in each package.  Most don't include me setting up tables and chairs however if the venue, rental company or caterer isn't hired to do this we can do it, I just have to make sure I have the correct amount of staff and charge you for that staff.

I will say Im not scared or ladders, power tools, flowers, bars, lighting, draping, etc.  I jump in where I am needed and get the job done!

What is your favorite thing to do as a wedding planner?

Hard one.  I love everything about being a wedding planner.  Love the logistics end, timelines are actually really fun for me to write up.  I love the interaction with the other vendors and really coming together to put on an amazing event.  But, if I had to choose my favorite part it would be the designing.  Choosing all the elements and colors that go into making a cohesive beautiful event is really rewarding and fun. I like to capture the couples personality and get creative in incorporating that and creating something really pretty and unique.  

I started my career as an Interior Designer.  So all I was doing was design.  But doing design for weddings is just so much more fun because the creativity really comes out and its about bringing two people together and celebrating that with a bunch of fun dressed up people.  I mean come on.  Whats not to love about being a Wedding Planner.